Where to stay: Yorkshire

Straw Bale Cabin
Near Howden, East Yorkshire
Straw built self catering holiday home “that won’t cost the earth”


The ultimate home grown holiday home! A cosy cabin built from straw bales and a country hideaway for two with renewable electricity, solar hot water and an environmentally friendly toilet system.

This pioneering and intriguing idea was completed in 2007 and stands in a wildflower meadow one mile from the historic market town of Howden, East Yorkshire which has good train links from London.

The curvy, clay plastered walls with cream coloured Buxton lime wash, oak beams and deep oak windowsills give the cabin the feel of an old country cottage. There is a bright well equipped kitchen which includes a Baby Belling cooker and a small fridge, a lounge area opening out onto a south facing porch, a spacious double bedroom and adjoining shower.

The cabin overlooks a delightful pond where wildlife abounds.

Another, larger, straw bale construction, a cottage nearby, is also available for holiday rentals and is suitable for up to 5 to 6 people. Completed in 2009, it was the UK’s first 2 bedroom holiday cottage of its kind.

Green features

The Straw Bale Cabin is a “test centre” for sustainable building. The team behind it, headed by its driving force Carol, is examining moisture content, thermal performance, energy assessment and public attitudes.

They believe the use of conventional construction materials in the UK far exceeds the sustainable rate and straw has advantages because it is locally available, plentiful, and can be used to create beautiful, yet practical and comfortable homes with minimal environmental impact.

The cabin’s many other eco features include use of reclaimed building materials, second hand furniture, lighting and equipment such as the kettle, slow cooker and DVD player that can all run on renewable energy. Visitors are provided with bicycles, a wind up torch and solar/wind up radio. There are extensive recycling facilities including a kitchen composter and a wormery nearby.

The cabin boasts numerous optional eco friendly services including collection from the station; grocery delivery supporting local suppliers; a small honesty shop with non perishable local, organic or Fairtrade food, drink and other essential items; a choice of slow cooked meal on arrival; and a 24 hour laundry service.


Straw Bale Cabin
Village Farm
East Yorkshire DN14 7LA
Tel: +44 (0)1430 410662