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UK road travel by public transport and green car hire



National Express +

The largest coach network in the UK. Online fares, timetables and bookings plus seat sales and other special offers.


Bus and coach company operating throughout the UK Routes, timetables and online booking. Based in Scotland. Also operates in the United States midwest region.

Scottish Citylink

Scotland's leading express coach service to 200 towns and cities. Online fares, timetables and bookings plus special offers.


Connects all the main towns and villages in Northern Ireland. Online timetables, fares and journey planner plus Multi-Journey Smartcard. 


Eurolines +

Europe's largest regular coach network connecting over 500 destinations and covering the whole
continent. Operated by 32 independent coach companies and part of National Express Group. Online times, fares, ticket booking and special offers.


Avis +

Worldwide car rental network taking practical steps to reduce its environmental impact. In the UK it offers the Toyota Prius in some locations and also says emissions across the fleet have been reduced by 4%. Avis Germany has introduced natural gas VW Tourans to its fleet. In Portugal hybrid cars were added in 2005. In Scandinavia customers are offered environmentally friendly ethanol-powered Saab 9-5 BioPower cars, Ford Flexi-fuel and Toyota Prius vehicles. In the USA it offers Nissan Altima Hybrids and Toyota Priuses.

Europcar +

The number 1 car rental company in Europe with rental locations in more than 160 countries worldwide. It has received certification for its “Green Charter” and operates a green fleet with an average age of 4-6 months. It says its vehicles benefit from the latest innovations in terms of Green technology (CO2 emissions, hybrid, flexifuel, LPG...). To book an ecofriendly car select "Fleet Guide" and "Special". Amongst the range of models listed is theToyota Prius.

Hertz +

The world's largest and longest established car rental company. At certain locations it offers environmentally friendly and fuel efficient cars from the Hertz Green Collection. These can achieve better than140g/km CO2 output - below the 2008 voluntary levels set by the EU - and also 40-65mpg, depending upon vehicle size. The cars are grouped into four categories with several makes and models to choose from. To book a car from the Hertz Green Collection, simply get a quote, selecting "Green Collection" in the vehicle preferences dropdown.

Holiday Autos +

The world's largest leisure car hire broker. Works with leading companies such as Alamo, Avis and Hertz and offers fully-inclusive pre-paid car hire with no add-ons or hidden extras. Its range includes hybrid cars for rental such as the Toyota Prius in the UK, the Canaries and Poland; the Saab 9-5 BioPower in Ireland; the Volvo S40, V50 and V70, Toyota Prius, Ford Focus and Skoda Octavia Combi in Sweden; and the Ford Focus in France.


About eco friendly road travel

According to recent government figures transport accounted for about 28 per cent of UK greenhouse gas emissions.Buses and coaches are considered the most environmentally friendly form of transport. They have lower carbon emissions, especially compared with car journeys. For instance a double decker bus can carry the same number of people as 20 fully occupied cars. So buses and coaches use less fuel per person carried. In the UK they tend to be powered by diesel engines, though apart from some which use alternative fuels, they do add to pollution especially in cities.

Eco friendly cars reduce gasoline guzzling. They include electric, hydrogen fueled and hybrid vehicles. Electric cars contain batteries that need recharging but the batteries are currently very large and journey lengths quite limited. The advantage of hydrogen cars is that the by-product is water rather than carbon monoxide like conventional gasoline engines. But they are still being tested and not yet generally available. Hybrid cars use at least two different fuel sources - generally petrol and electricity. They are greener than standard cars because the integrated electric motor improves fuel economy by boosting the engine during acceleration and by running the car at idle to minimise emissions. Also the battery powering the electric motor is recharged with energy recovered during deceleration.

There are some good tips to be more environmentally friendly and save money, whatever the car you drive. Stick to the speed limit, drive smoothly, avoid excessive acceleration and braking, plan routes, turn off air conditioning, use cruise control, check tyre pressure and make sure the car is well maintained and regularly serviced.

Information for motorists


As the UK’s longest established motoring organisation, the RAC provides a comprehensive range of motoring and vehicle services to drivers. Its online route planner will plan your journey from A to B and provide you with a map of your destination in the UK, Europe or the USA. It also offers roadside assistance breakdown cover, vehicle checks and inspections, and travel insurance.


Frixo provides traffic reports for UK motorways. Much of the data comes from automatic sensors with readings typically every 3 minutes, so they claim to provide accurate, up-to-date reports which are normally faster than other media, such as radio.

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