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Budget chain trying to reduce its carbon footprint


Travelodge, the first budget hotel brand in the UK, launched in 1985. It now operates over 330 hotels comprising over 20,000 rooms in the UK, Ireland and Spain. The chain is growing fast with plans to run approximately 1000 hotels by 2020 and to be the biggest operator in London by the 2012 Olympics.

Travelodge offers simple, hassle free accommodation in double, disabled-access or family rooms (catering for 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 16). All rooms are en-suite, with luxury king size beds, colour TV and free tea- and coffee-making facilities. There is 24 hour reception and fast check in and, with payment made up front, no need to check out.

It aims to offer fantastic value by keeping costs low and passing on the savings to customers with low room prices. That means, it says, no trouser press, chocolates on pillows, toiletries or other frills. Yet it has come up with some eye-catching extras on trial at certain hotels, for instance high-tech pyjamas which look like space suits; the UK's first downloadable ‘Nodcasts’ to combat insomnia with ‘motivational sleeping’; and the ‘Cuddillow’, a cuddling pillow to help lonely guests get a good night’s sleep.

Green features

The Travelodge green programme has been running for a number of years. The chain is trying to reduce its carbon footprint, by changing the way it build new hotels and runs its hotels day to day, and by working with our partners & suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint as well.

It provides an extensive list of green technology used including aerated shower heads and taps – to reduce water consumption by 50% and utility consumption. All refurbished and new build Travelodge hotels have energy efficient lighting. Existing hotels are using energy efficient light bulbs. Smart meters help manage the hotel’s green performance by monitoring energy usage each hour throughout the day. Environmental thermostat controls in rooms ensure the heating is switched off when the room is unoccupied. This system gives an energy reduction in excess of 40%.

All new hotels will have ving card powered rooms, so that power in the rooms can only be used when occupied. It has a company-wide 'Switching on to Switching off’ programmee to encourage staff to be more energy efficient.

Every new build Travelodge hotel has a number of green features and in some new developments there are trials of bio mass boilers, ground source heat pumps, Central Heating Plant System (CHP), photovoltaics, green / brown roofing, and pre-fabricated modular buildings with ‘Pod Bedrooms’.


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