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About this guide

Staying in a chain hotel is a great idea if you don’t know the area but do want to know what to expect. All the chains in the guide have hotels in the UK and many also operate hotels throughout the world. There are listings for all price brackets, including budget hotels, mid range hotels and luxury hotels and resorts.

But is there such a thing as an eco friendly hotel chain? Not if you listen to the most fervent environmentalists. Yet hotel chains are changing in response to the pressures of new legislation, volatile energy costs, and growing consumer demand for ethical travel choices. Now many of the biggest and most famous chains have introduced environmental initiatives. With their sheer size they can make a significant contribution in the battle against climate change.

All the chains in this guide have gone public about what they are doing to make your hotel stay more environmentally friendly. Read about their green features here.


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Green checklist

A guide to help hotels become environmentally friendly was launched in June 2007 by the International Tourism Partnership with help from their members – most of the major international hotel groups.

Called “Going Green”, it is designed as a user-friendly tool with a list of practical steps that hotels should take to create a successful, sustainable business operation.

We think this could be very useful for green consumers too - as a check list to discover how a hotel is measuring up. So we obtained permission from the ITP to publish their guide in full. To read it click here