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In this section of there is some background information about what is an ecofriendly tourist, why to be an ecofriendly tourist and tips on how to be an ecofriendly tourist.

There are links to other informative pages on this website including our ten step guide, carbon offsetting, flying smart, how to choose where to stay and the pitfalls of “greenwashing”.


“ecofriendly”... “responsible”... “green”... Some people get hung up about choosing exactly the right word and dismiss the term “ecofriendly” as meaningless. Words do matter, of course. And yet “ecofriendly” does seem to have entered into common usage. Most people seem to have an idea, however vague, of what the term implies.

What’s more we think it’s a lot more, well, friendly than “responsible” which sounds pretty stern, and a lot less politically loaded than “green”. So that’s why we plumped for “ecofriendly” when we set up this website.

For those who insist on a definition here’s our attempt at one:

ecofriendly: “not harmful to the environment; goods and services intended or perceived to minimise harmful effects on the natural environment and its inhabitants”


Climate change is a growing concern. It is up to us to take matters into our own hands and reduce our carbon footprint.

Tourism is fast becoming the world’s largest industry so we set up this site to provide a clear, practical and user friendly guide for the growing number of holiday makers with a conscience who want to do something worthwhile about the environmental effects of their travel.


This is the starting point for a variety of information, tips and advice:

Ten step guide
Our 10 step guide to eco-friendly holidays has practical and realistic tips about how to put the ideas that suit you into action. More…

Choosing where to stay
Here are some key questions to ask to see if accommodation really is ecofriendly. More...

What is a green hotel?
This is a guide compiled by some leading hoteliers on what they think makes a green hotel. It’s a useful checklist for consumers to check if hotels are living up to their ideals. More…

Carbon offsetting
Our guide through this minefield. What carbon offsetting is; questions to ask to make sure your money’s well spent; links to carbon offsetting providers; and more links to carbon calculators that work out your CO2 emissions whether you’re travelling by air, train, coach, car or sea. More…

Transport – flying smart
The rapid growth of air travel is a problem. If you do fly here are five easy tips to lessen the impact. More…

Increasingly some travel firms claim to be more environmentally friendly than they really are so they can cash in on the green pound. That’s “greenwashing”. Find out how not to get caught out. More…

Tips on what to do before, during and after your ecofriendly holiday. More...