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We set up this site in 2006 to provide a clear, practical and user friendly guide for the growing band of holiday makers with a conscience who want to do something worthwhile about the environmental effects of their travel.

What we do

We offer information and opinions to help concerned tourists plan holidays that are greener so they can do their bit. We don’t preach and we avoid jargon. All the information on this site is based on journalistic research.

Who pays?

ecofriendlytourist.com is free to use.

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Many other links are included which do not pay us. Links and information feature here if we believe it to be useful and reliable - not whether we are paid.

Can you trust us?

We aim for first rate editorial standards of truth, accuracy and fairness. As it develops we hope ecofriendlytourist.com will grow in value to anyone planning an eco friendly trip.

However, nobody is infallible. If we make a mistake do tell us and we will try to put it right. Equally if you like what you see why not let us know. To get in touch please visit the Contact page for details.